Our Story

Welcome to Ignite Learning! I’m so excited that you’ve taken this step towards improving your child’s school success. There’s something quite special about watching a child master a new skill for the first time and seeing the confidence it brings them in the classroom. 

Allow me to introduce myself. My name’s Sammantha and I’m a stay at home mum to two precious little girls. I live in a rural country town in Queensland, Australia with my wonderful husband and daughters. I love everything that small town living has to offer! 

Before I became a mum I was fortunate enough to live out my passion as a teacher and would see so many parents committed to their children’s school success. It can be quite overwhelming trying to work out where to start or how best to spend your time to help your child. That’s why I developed the Ignite Learning Educational Packs to assist parents in their child’s learning journey. 

The packs have been developed in a way that is easy to follow and covers the basics that children need to know in order to progress in school. They are my little ‘tricks of the trade’ that help students to gain confidence across the subject areas. 

I hope you and your child enjoy the packs as much as I enjoyed creating them and I look forward to hearing about the success children are experiencing in their learning.


Happy Learning!